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Secure Documents

Producing sensitive documents demands the highest levels of quality, security and experience.

Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing offers full range of anti-copy, anti-fraud security features like:

Overt and Covert features in Paper, Design and Ink


We order paper with special watermarks from all reputed paper manufacturers like arjo-wiggins and portals as per the security document requirements. A watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears lighter or darker than surrounding paper when viewed with a light from behind the paper, due to paper density variations. A watermark is made by impressing a water coated metal stamp or dandy roll onto the paper during manufacturing.

Geometric lathe work

We have several security designing softwares which can generate non-reproducible guilloche patterns, Linear advantage, intricately designed borders, split lines, latent image, microline, microtext, Hide & Glow anti-copy texts, anti-copy patterns such as EURion constellations and Omron anti-photocopying features.


Is an ornamental pattern formed of two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design. They are made with a geometric lathe

Micro printing

Is the use of extremely small text, and is most often used on currency and bank checks. The text is generally small enough to be undiscernable to the naked eye. Cheques, for example, use mcroprint as the signature line.

Anti-copying marks

Are introduced to prevent people without sophisticated training to easily copy currency using computer and photocopy technology.

Color-changing inks / Optical variable inks ( OVI)

We use color changing inks which is a chemical that changes color once viewed at a different angle. The color of the ink does not actually change, but the angle of the light to the viewer's eye changes and thus creates the change in color. Currently there are only three types, green to purple, gold to green and green to lilac.

UV Inks

We can print using Ultra-violet Invisible ink which is visible only under UV light. We also print Ultra violet visible fluorescent Ink which glows under UV light.

Thermochromatic Ink

Ink which changes color or visibility when rubbed, usually by the fingertips.

Coin reactive ink printing

Invisible Ink which turns black when scratched with a coin.

Rainbow prints

We can print rainbow prints using offset printing technologies with split ducts.

Conical laser number perforation

We have capabilities of producing conical laser number perforation.

Fluorescent dyes

Dyes which fluoresce under ultraviolet light or other unusual lighting. These show up as words, patterns or pictures and may be visible or invisible under normal lighting. This feature is also incorporated into many banknotes and other documents.

Registration of features on both sides

Security Documents and Banknotes are typically printed with fine alignment between the printings on each side of the note. This allows the note to be examined for this feature, and provides opportunities to unambiguously align other features of the note to the printing. Again, this is difficult to imitate accurately enough in most print shops.

Electronic devices

With the advent of RFID, it is possible to insert extremely small RF-active devices into the printed product.

We have been supplying documents with the above security features to the various sectors of industries.